saturdays are apple picking days, part i

written by A. E. Stover
this version is not edited


NARUTO [AU] [K+] [Sakura; Sasuke; Naruto] [Friendship; Humor] [Drabble Collection]
Saturdays were her glory days, the days when she was free to do whatever she wished. But the recent addition of two new roommates threw a wrench in all her plans.







Saturday, 6 October 2012
5:04 AM


On Saturday mornings, Sakura didn’t wake up to the sound of her alarm clock ringing incessantly in her ear. Sakura set her alarm clock off before going to sleep Friday nights after a long week. Saturdays were her rest days, her glory days.

“Sakura-chan. Wake up, Sakura-chan.”

It was a day she looked forward to each week, no matter how the rest of her week had gone.

“Nee, Sakura-tteba…

Saturdays were days she got out of bed on her own accord, though never before nine AM. She would lounge around in bed for a while, especially during the colder days, with the blankets over her head to block out the sunlight peeking through the blinds at her window.

She would stay in bed, stretching lethargically and just being lazy, until she got too bored and got up. Her morning routine comprised of eating breakfast in her pajamas in front of the TV, letting her bed go unmade, and not caring if she looked horrible because it simply didn’t matter.

Saaakura-chaaan. Waaake uuup.”

A quick shower would come next and then, around twelve, she went out to grab a bite to eat and go shopping or catch a movie with friends. It was the perfect way to end the week.

Unfortunately, because she had recently gained two roommates — she was sharing her home with two of her friends who were evicted from their apartment — her Saturday plans were slowly being eaten away by stupid ideas. Naruto’s stupid ideas.

Like apple picking.


“Say my name one more time and I’ll rearrange your face with my fist.”

“But we gotta leave by six if we wanna beat traffic. Otherwise, we’ll be on that road for ever and ever and ever and―”

A hand shot out from underneath the blanket and slapped over Naruto’s face. Sakura lifted her head from under her pillow. “What are you doing in my room?” she finally hissed, a glare promising instant death pinned on the blond currently crouched at the side of her bed.

“Uh…” Naruto was at a loss for words, staring at her furious face with a blank look. He inched away at the frightening glint that shone in her green eyes.

The lioness rose from her warm den and roared. “Get out!”

Alarmed, Naruto gave a terrified cry before scrambling to his feet and running out. The door slammed behind him, and all was quiet. Until―


“Shut up, Sasuke! Why don’t you try waking her up?” 


“But we gotta wake her up if we’re gonna go! And we gotta go nooow! Come ooon, Sasukeeee! She likes you the most! Come oooon!”

At Naruto’s incessant whining, Sakura screamed into her pillow.

Naruto stopped whining.

Sakura was satisfied.





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